Haiilo glossary

With Haiilo, you don’t just get software; Haiilo also gives you all of the building blocks for your Digital Home. So, in addition to your Haiilo interface, we’ve also set up further platforms that offer you an ideal customer experience.

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Service Desk

The Service Desk is where you can go for quick assistance. Our colleagues will provide all kinds of support. Via our ticket system, you can reach us every day during our business hours, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Write us if you have questions about the product, have discovered a malfunction, or need technical assistance. If our colleagues don’t know the answer themselves, they’re sure to know who to ask! 

You can read more about the ticket system here.

Cloud status

Always stay up to date with the Cloud! On our status page for the Cloud, we give you regular updates on when maintenance work will be taking place in the Cloud. This includes new versions or patches, which are applied to the current version. If your Haiilo is ever unavailable, it’s always worth taking a look at the status page before submitting a ticket: If the Cloud status is green, it might be worth checking your local Internet connection.

Subscribe to the status page and you’ll automatically get e-mails if there are any changes for the Cloud.

Knowledge Base

With our Knowledge Base, we’ve created comprehensive instructions for the product Haiilo. Using the analogy of building a house, we’ll take you through building and expanding your digital home. In our Knowledge Base, we explain how to integrate apps and what the best use cases for them are, what the reasons could be if not all of the users from your user directory have been synchronized, how to best set up a backup for your instance, and much, much more.

Whenever you have questions about the product, take a look in our Knowledge Base to see whether we’ve already given the answer there. And if you nevertheless find that something’s missing, just click on the top right login button to contact us.


Our Onboarding helps you set up your Haiilo platform. Upon signing the contract, you not only get the logins for the platforms mentioned above, but you also get access to our Onboarding. This is where we give you a compact overview of all of the functions with further links to the Knowledge Base. At the start of your project, we give you a few tips and tricks in the kick-off call. Near the end of your concept phase, before you start bringing content and users onto your platform, contact us again if you still have any unanswered questions about the product.

Product Roadmap

As our customers, you can make yourselves heard! Our Product Roadmap makes it possible for you to contribute your ideas, give us feedback, or simply stay up to date on developments. You will be automatically informed about updates once you’ve submitted feedback. This allows you to directly keep track of which features and improvements we are planning to add to Haiilo in the near future. Curious? You can find out here exactly how it works.

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