The face game widget

This feature is currently being phased out and will be removed from Haiilo.

How well do you really know your work colleagues? Do you know all of the faces that you see in the corridor every day, even by name?

With the Haiilo face game, you can not only find out how well you actually know your colleagues by name, but also which of your colleagues has the best memory for names in the company.


The face game can be integrated wherever widgets can be added. This allows all of the page and community members to play a quick face game whenever they like. And players need to be really quick, as each round only lasts max. 90 seconds!
The aim is obvious: Guessing as many of your colleagues’ names as possible correctly. 

Rules of the game

Once the game begins, the face of a colleague appears along with four possible names. Only one of the names is correct.

  • Each correct answer gets 50 points.
  • Each wrong answer minus 50 points.
  • If you get two or more answers right in a row, there is a series bonus of 50 points.

Each face game widget shows the top 3 results. Bear in mind that these results always relate to the respective widget, there is no best score across the whole of Haiilo. The reason for this is that each widget can include a different number of colleagues, so the individual widgets can have very different levels of difficulty.


You will find the game under the Dynamic Widgets. Please note that the game needs to be released in Administration in advance.

During the game, admins have the following possible settings:


  • User pool:
    Select a page or community to limit the number of colleagues shown in the game. If you leave this field empty, all colleagues are automatically included.
  • Time limit:
    How long should a round take? You can choose any value between 20 and 90 seconds.
  • Include external members:
    Colleagues or partners who have the role of "external community member" do not normally appear with their picture in the game. Activating this function is particularly useful when you want you project team to get to know each other better

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