On-Prem: First aid for availability or performance errors

In the event that your Haiilo can't be reached or the performance isn't as expected, we recommend the following steps:

Haiilo can't be reached

If your Haiilo can’t be reached and you don’t know the reasons for this behavior, we recommend you open a ticket in our Service Desk. We’ll then usually ask for the backend log. By default, you can find this in:


But a look at the current utilization of the containers also offers us a good overview:

You can use the following command to display the utilization of the containers:

docker stats

If you see that a contain continuously has a very high utilization, a look at the log for the container could be worthwhile. Take the container ID from the result of the previous command and insert it into this:

docker logs -f >>CONTAINER_ID<<

If noticeable errors are displayed there, send this to us, too, via a Service Desk ticket.

Poor performance

If Haiilo is noticeably slow, this could be due to the following causes:

  • Haiilo requires more resources on the server
  • Browser or client are out of date

First take a look at the current utilization of the containers:

docker stats

This shows the utilization of the processors and memory. In our experience, performance problems are limited to these containers:


These containers can be provisioned via the .env file. If one of these containers has a high utilization over a prolonged period of time, you should assign more memory to it. To do this, stop Haiilo and increase the corresponding value in the .env file:

# The ElasticSearch heap size
# The ELK (log aggregation) ElasticSearch heap size
# COYO Java opts used for backend

The Docker containers then need to be rebuilt. After changing the .env file, you should have the containers rebuilt. To do this, you need to remove the available ones from Docker (only works if Haiilo is shut down):

docker container prune

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