App recommendations for good internal communication

Good internal communication is an important factor for success in the company. It has a significant influence on the culture and satisfaction of employees. This is why it’s all the more important that you make use of the right tools to optimally provide your users with the relevant information and news. We’ll present you with the absolute top apps for good internal communication in your Haiilo; they’re the best possible support for you.

Blog app

We’ll get straight to the point: It’s THE communications app! The blog app is the perfect choice to publish news and offers you the most text-related design options of all the apps. Thanks to the rich text editor, you can format your text and give it an attractive appearance. But that’s not all: The blog app also allows you to determine when your content goes live. Simply add the date and time and you can control the publication in a targeted way. You can also post in the name of a page or Community. You can find out more about the blog app here.  


Wiki app

The wiki app offers a similar degree of creative freedom. Here, too, a rich text editor can be used to format and present your text. However, unlike the blog app, the wiki app is intended for another purpose: It is the app of choice for creating and making available knowledge-based content. The option of creating sub-articles for the articles is particularly helpful. This allows you to create subtopics for a complex topic so that the articles don’t become too big. This helps users to maintain an overview and not be overwhelmed with content. A really nice added benefit: Users can see when an article is new or updated.


You can find out more about the wiki app here

Content app

The creative and also the most flexible app among our recommendations: With the content app, you can create a page however you like with various content and layouts. Whether one, two, or three columns – anything’s possible. With the help of various apps, you can give the page a very individual look. The content app is particularly well-suited to presenting content such as pictures or videos. The text components complete your layout. This allows you to use the app e.g. to make pictures of your last company celebration available. Find out more about the content app in the article. 


Timeline app

Nothing works without it. The timeline brings everything together that interests users. Whether shared blog posts, a post from colleagues, events, or updated wiki posts – the timeline is a newsfeed that shows your users straight away whenever something’s happening. As part of communication, the timeline above all offers the option of presenting what’s currently happening in a clear and chronological way on pages. You can find out more about the timeline here

Forum app

The discussions app. It’s perfect for discussing a topic with several people or asking a question. Once the answer has been found, the topic is closed again straight away. A really nice added benefit: You offer your users a channel via which they can pose their questions on certain topics. If, for instance, you’ve got a new project that’s likely to raise lots of questions, the forum app is the ideal choice. The answered questions can then also be made available as a FAQ


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