Creating events

To create an event, you have two options: use the Events tab in the navigation bar or an events app on a page or community. If you choose the latter, the page/community will be set as the host automatically. You need the "Create events" permission to create events.

Create an event

  1. Select Create event in the Events tab or in an events app.
  2. Decide whether you're creating a Public or Private event.
    • Public events are visible to every user in the Events tab. Since users aren't invited to these events, no notifications are sent when a public event is created. You can, however, share it on the timeline to draw attention to it.
    • Private events are only visible to invited users. Users are informed of a private event invitation in the notification bell.
  3. Enter a name for your event
  4. Select a host for your event. You can only select yourself or a page and community that you are the admin of as the host. The host can't be edited after the event is created. However, additional admins can be added to manage the event details.
  5. Set a start and end date for your event. The times are shown in your time zone, but users will see the event dates in their time zone.
  6. Optionally, set a location for your event, e.g., "Meeting Room A, 4th floor, Hamburg office".
  7. Optionally, write a description of your event so users know what it's about.
  8. In the Advanced settings, you can select:
    • Everyone in the event can see a list of participants. If disabled, only event admins can see its participants.
    • Request definite answers: Users can't reply Maybe to an event. Only the Accept and Decline options are available to select.
    • Limited number of participants:¬†Only a defined number of users can participate in the event. Users can no longer reply to the event when the seats are taken and will see an "All seats are taken" message.
  9. The next step depends on whether you are creating a public or private event:
    • Public:
      1. Select Create event to finalize the event creation.
    • Private:
      1. Select Invite colleagues to proceed to the next step
      2. Select who to invite to your event. Depending on your permissions, you can select individual users, public pages, public communities, or user groups. If you select, e.g., a page, all subscribers of that page are invited. You need the corresponding "Invite pages/communities/groups" permissions to invite pages, communities, and user groups.
      3. When you're ready, select Create event.

After you've created an event, it'll be visible to users (selected or all) on the Events tab. A New label displays on new events for 5 days.

Add a profile and cover image

After creating an event, you can add a profile and cover image to it. To do this, select the corresponding field and add an image from the file library or upload a new one. The maximum image file size for profile and cover images is 10MB. To ensure the best appearance of your images, we suggest using the following pixel and aspect ratios:

  • For profile images, use a 1:1 aspect ratio, e.g., 512x512 pixels
  • For cover images, use a 6:1 aspect ratio, e.g., 1200x200 pixels

If the ratios of your uploaded images differ from the ones mentioned above, a pop-up window will appear, enabling you to adjust the focus of the image.

event details.png

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