Create events

Events make it possible for you to announce current, important events in your company and invite your colleagues to them. This gives you an overview of what events are coming up for yourself and for your company in general.

Create an event

You go to the Events page in the navigation and find the "Create event" button on the left. Here you can decide whether you’re creating a public or private event.


The following input screen looks the same for both options.

The basic requirements for the event are an name, a host and a start and end date, everything else is optional. However, it makes sense to give the event even more information such as location and a description. This way all potential participants will be well informed.


As an host you either choose yourself or you choose a page/community of which you are the admin. Please note that the host can not be changed later. But you can add several admins after the creation of an event and replace yourself by another user if necessary.


Via the advanced settings, you can add further information:

  • Everyone in the event can see who is attending
  • Request definite answers: Invited colleagues cannot answer with Maybe
  • Limited number of participants: A certain number of participants can be defined.

The next step depends on whether you are creating a public or private event:

  • Public: With the "Create event" button, you create an event that is visible to everyone
  • Private: Instead of the "Create event" button, you can see the "Invite colleagues" button and can then invite your colleagues:


In the overview, you can mark the colleagues who you want to invite. In the right-hand column, you can also clearly see who you have already selected. 

You can also invite the members of public communities and subscribers of public pages to your private event – provided that they have the corresponding permissions, which are assigned under the general permissions. The permission "Invite groups" can also now be found under the general permissions. 


Once all of the settings have been made and potential participants have been invited, you can publish the event via "Create".

Add profile and cover image

Like a page or personal profile, you have the option of adding pictures to an event. To do this, click on the corresponding field and add a picture from the file library or upload a new picture.


Exchange in an event

The detailed view of every event contains a timeline. This gives invited users the opportunity to comment, add files or pictures, or suggest a new time or location.

Download event

An event can be easily downloaded in a .ics format by selecting the "Download event" option on the left side in the "Timeline" section.


Share event

An event can be easily shared by a user by selecting the "Share event" option on the left side in the "Timeline" section.


Download participants

The admins of an event can export a participants list at any time. For this purpose, the option "Download participants" can be selected on the left side in the "Timeline" section.


The export is in CSV format and contains the following information:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Participant status


How long will the "New" label be displayed?

The "New" label will be displayed for 5 days.

Can the host be changed afterwards?

No, the host of an event cannot be changed afterwards.

However, you can add several admins after creating an event and replace yourself as host with another user if necessary.

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