Temporary parallel operation – How to transition to Haiilo

There are many reasons why you might operate the intranet in parallel at the start – Haiilo on one side and the old intranet on the other. In our view, this option is not recommended as it makes adaptation difficult and acceptance of your new digital home suffers.

However, in rare cases, it can’t be avoided and we won’t leave you out in the rain in this case. In this article, we let you know about a trick to get the best out of the situation.

In the article "From the old intranet to Haiilo – how to accompany your transition", you’ll find out what you should bear in mind during the introduction if you already had an intranet in your company beforehand.

The secret formula: Communication

It sounds so trivial, so logical: Good communication is the key factor here. The users need to understand when, why, and for how long they’re using which software. There are two key disciplines that need to be mastered:

Explain handling

Inform your users at an early stage and explain to them how they should handle the parallel operation of both systems. The following questions are crucial: Which is the leading platform? On which platform is news shared? Where can the users find which information? What data is current?

And don’t forget: The whole thing should only be temporary! Give the users a timeframe or a key date for when the old intranet will be switched off. This creates trust and engagement. The latter also ensures that you can keep your foot on the gas pedal even after Haiilo goes live and maintain the tempo.  

Create added value

Users are coming from a familiar environment and any encounter with something foreign initially takes some getting used to: new structures, new design, new functionalities, and above all leaving their comfort zone (change). This is where you need to step in and clearly shown the added value for the new solution (Haiilo) to encourage your employees to use it.

What personal and business advantages does Haiilo offer? What can be found there and what can they do there? Underpin the advantages with specific examples, draw attention to important communities or pages, and above all provide them with orientation. A personal touch is particularly needed: Positive voices from power users or pilot groups who have already worked with the platform in advance help to create acceptance.

End parallel operation

If the foundations have been laid, it’s time to migrate the desired content to Haiilo and promptly switch off the old intranet. Seize the opportunity to tidy up the old content and carry out a kind of spring clean. In our experience, a large amount of content is amassed over time that’s no longer current or relevant. Only migrate the content that offers your users added value and is important for their work. 

This creates less work for the project team and makes the transition easier for your users, as they have a structured and tidy platform to work with. This has a positive influence on the acceptance and use of your digital home.

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