#GOHAIILO! Activating your users

You are excited to introduce your intranet to your organization, but you're worried about how you can encourage users to work with Haiilo. To make it easy for your users, it's important that Haiilo offers them added value right from the start and is enjoyable to use.

Below are some tips to help you engage your users and encourage them to use Haiilo:

Know your employees

Only those who know their target group can cater specifically to them. Find out who your users are and what they need. How and in what areas can Haiilo help them?

But that's not all! Only when you know what reservations your users have can you specifically counteract them and address the benefits offered to them by Haiilo.

Generate curiosity

Consider how you want to make the users curious. What cool features in Haiilo solve previous problems? You can highlight these with an interactive homepage.

Are your users also "offline"? What about a short "Quickstart Guide" that clearly explains the first steps with Haiilo and that the users can have when they get started? Good communication is important to spark interest. Let your creativity run free.

Give Haiilo a face

To foster a sense of togetherness and encourage content sharing, a social intranet relies heavily on its users. Profile pictures and information are crucial in this regard. Therefore, it is important to motivate users to complete their profiles by adding a profile picture, expertise, and job details. This not only adds a personal touch but makes it easier to find colleagues on the platform.

You may want to consider a photo campaign to encourage users to upload new, professional pictures to Haiilo.

Make an impression

It's important to have various activities, posts, and advertisements on the day of the go-live for Haiilo. This is the time to welcome users to their new platform and make a good impression. Without any engaging content, users may lose interest and not participate in the future.

We need to encourage users to get involved and find role models who can set a good example. It's crucial to involve managers right from the beginning, as this will promote acceptance and participation.

Provide assistance

At its core, Haiilo is easy to use, however, some users may still struggle with navigating the platform. To assist them, you could provide a dedicated help community with useful tips, tricks, and specific examples of how to use the platform.

Short training courses could also be offered to help users get acquainted with the platform's features and functions. By providing these resources, you can ensure that all users can comfortably and confidently use the platform to their advantage.

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