Integrate change topics into Haiilo

Social intranets bring a cultural change to the company. Communication is a key factor for success in order to accompany changes in the company. Alongside active role models and allies, another important part of the whole thing is integrating the topics of change into Haiilo. 

Your Digital Home gives you various options for starting a dialog, creating interaction, and promoting collaboration. In this article, we’ll show you various tricks for implementing that with Haiilo:

In communities

With our communities, you have the opportunity to specifically address change management topics and actively discuss these with your users. Via open communities, you get direct feedback, identify topics from your own ranks, and immediately answer questions.

Protected communities help, for instance, your managers to discuss language rules, background information, and typical questions from employees in team meetings.

With the help of wikis

Everyone knows them: endless FAQ catalogs and documents that rarely end up actually being read. This doesn’t have to be the case! With the help of our wiki app, you can offer a great alternative to this: The collected knowledge and frequently asked questions (FAQ) relating to change topics are presented in a clear, simple way here. 

Why not simply integrate a wiki into an open Community? This way, you create a place where your employees can find information about change topics.

Using surveys

What’s the current moods? What’s the level of knowledge of the communicated topics? These and other questions can be asked easily using what are known as "pulse checks". You can quickly gather the opinions of your employees with the help of our survey widget

This not only gives you an overview of the current situation, but also shows whether and in what areas certain messages need to be reinforced.

Via chats 

Chats are not only well-suited to short messages, but can also be used for other communicative activities. An announced chat event with the executive board or the management offers your employees the opportunity to ask questions directly to the managers. The questions asked give you a useful indication of which topics require further information. 

Another way to create dialog is to encourage employees to share their opinion in certain posts. The best way to do that is using the comments function in Haiilo.

With the help of hashtags

Hashtags are another wonderful way to make change topics (better) known and involve your employees. With the help of hashtag campaigns, you can push the topics while also having the opportunity to see all of the posts on the change project. You also have the chance to pick up on feedback and comments from your own ranks.

What’s more, you can use our hashtag widget to display the most popular hashtags in the company, allowing you to see which topics are still occupying your employees.

In forums 

Forums are virtual places to discuss certain questions and topics or to share thoughts and opinions and interact with several people. Once a suitable answer has been found, the topic is closed.

Our forum app is practically made for that! Integrate communities to get in touch with your employees. This allows their questions and thoughts to take place in a central location and you can always refer to the forum.

Via personal profiles

The information in your users’ personal profiles is a good way to find contact persons or project managers. Large projects, in particular, often involve what are known as "change agents" or "change ambassadors", who accompany the change project and support the project team. This information also shouldn’t be missing from the personal profile.

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