Transitioning from an old intranet to Haiilo

Introducing a new intranet requires careful consideration of multiple topics. One of these is the transitional phase from the old to the new intranet. Therefore, it is important to plan the transitional phase early and identify the key issues to be addressed.

We recommend that you focus on making Haiilo the primary platform for your users. This will help you to gain acceptance for the new system and minimize the impact of the transitional phase.

We don't advise running both intranets in parallel at the beginning. This can create confusion among users and result in indifferent usage behavior. Users may be curious about the new system but they may not see the need to explore it when they can find information on the old system that they're used to. This makes it more challenging to generate acceptance for Haiilo and increase activity on the platform. Additionally, maintaining two platforms simultaneously adds to the workload.

Migrate company news

It is important to migrate the news from the last two to three weeks to the new platform. This will help users find their way around the platform easily and feel secure. This news will be like an anchor for your users, as it will show them the latest updates and give them a sense of familiarity.

All company news should initially be published on Haiilo to ensure its current relevance and attract activity to the platform. This way, users will find a living platform instead of an empty one.

Migrate other content (and clean up)

With Haiilo as your new social intranet, you have the chance to create a modern digital space for your employees. You can also ensure that only necessary content, which people look for, is available in your Haiilo, and eliminate any excess content.

In practical terms, this means that everyone has content in their intranet that is hardly ever used or sought after. Moving to a new platform provides an opportunity to clear this out and free yourself from the burden of unnecessary content. If any user misses a specific document or wiki, you can always add it later. However, our experience is that this hardly ever happens.

Communication: Inform your employees

Communication is the most crucial aspect in the successful implementation of Haiilo. It is essential to prepare the employees for the transition and relocation from the old intranet to the new one.

Effective communication helps to create clarity and generate curiosity among the users about the new platform. You need to provide information on various topics and content that are relevant to the transition.

  • When does the platform go live?
  • How do employees gain access?
  • Is the old intranet still accessible?
  • What happens to the content from the old intranet?
  • What advantages does the switch to Haiilo offer?
  • ...

It is important to ensure that any content that is not being migrated or that originates from other departments should be backed up prior to migration. In order to accomplish this, communication and interaction with the relevant personnel from other departments is essential. It may be feasible to identify potential power users for Haiilo among these personnel, who can be trained in advance to assist with the migration process. These employees can be valuable advocates for Haiilo and can assist with the smooth transition of content.

Switch off the old intranet

When setting up a new platform, it's important to remember to deactivate access to the old intranet at the same time. 

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