From the old intranet to Haiilo – how you accompany your transition

Introducing a new intranet involves a large number of work packages that need to be taken into account. If you’re already using an intranet, one of these packages is the transitional phase from the old to the new intranet. You should consider at an early stage what this transitional phase should look like and what points need to be tackled. 

To begin with: We advise against running both systems in parallel at the start. This confuses users and leads to indifferent usage behavior. Although users are curious about the new system, they often still use their usual methods. We’re all "creatures of habit". The users know their way around the old world. Why should they explore Haiilo when they can also find information in the old system? This makes it more difficult for you to gain acceptance for Haiilo and create activity on the platform. To say nothing of the double maintenance workload. This is why we recommend orienting your planning toward making Haiilo the leading platform for your users.

Migrate company news

You should migrate at least the news from the last two to three weeks so that your users can find their way around the platform straight away and you’ll give them a feeling of security. This is like an anchor for your users, as it shows them the news and gives them a sense of familiarity.

All new company news should initially only be published on Haiilo to ensure current relevance and to bring activity to the platform. This way, users won’t find an empty platform but instead a living platform

Migrate other content (and clean up)

With the introduction of Haiilo as your new social intranet, you not only have the chance to create a modern digital home for your employees. You also have the opportunity to trim out excess and ensure that only the really necessary content that people look for can be found in your Haiilo.

In specific terms, this means: Everyone has content in their intranet that is never or hardly ever sought and used. The move to a new instance is the chance to clear things out and free yourself from this burden. If users should ever miss the odd document or wiki, you can pick up on this and add the content later on. However, experience shows that this hardly ever happens.

Communication: Inform your employees

The most important discipline along the path towards the successful introduction of Haiilo is communication. Employees need to be prepared for the transition and relocation from the old to the new intranet. Communication allows you to create clarity and arouse curiosity in the new platform among your users. There are various topics and content that need to be taken into account and for which you should provide information

  • When does the platform go live?
  • How do employees gain access?
  • Is the old intranet still accessible?
  • What happens to the content from the old intranet?
  • What advantages does the switch to Haiilo offer?
  • ...

Content that isn’t migrated or that comes from other departments should be backed up beforehand. And here, too, communication and interaction with the contact persons from other departments is especially important. Perhaps these contact persons are also predestined to become power users for Haiilo? Then you should take active steps and train these employees at an early stage. They can help you with the migration and are important advocates for Haiilo.

There’s sure to be even more information that needs to be communicated for the go-live. The information mentioned here is initially the most important information that’s needed for the transition.

Switch off the old intranet

It can easily be forgotten when setting up the new digital home: switching off the old intranet. Once your new digital home goes live, access to the old intranet should be deactivated at the same time. 

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