Collaboration made easy

Would you like to give your new Digital Home and the users the best possible start with Haiilo? Collaboration and interaction take top priority here. However, ask yourself how you can encourage users to actively interact. Haiilo offers various options for collaboration.

The following tips will help you to support your users with teamwork and interaction. 

Encourage users 

The basic prerequisite for collaboration is people who come together and work together. Haiilo makes it easy for you to find experts. Using the list of colleagues or the global search, you can find the colleagues who will help you with your questions or concerns. 

However, you can only find the information that the users have added to their profilesSo, encourage your users to add their expertise, professional experience, language skills or current projects. This saves time when looking for the right contact person and brings people together more quickly Collaboration has never been easier!

Open up communities

Communities are the ideal place for collaboration: Here, teams, project groups or interest groups can interact without complex workflows and collaborate flexibly. Don’t be shy! Give users the possibility of creating communities themselves and putting together the work spaces to cater to their needs.

It’s important to first create the apps and fill them with content before other users are invited to a Community. After all, something should be going on right from the start. Every Community should offer added value. Moderators who constantly encourage users and take care of the content are also important for good collaboration. 

Share content

Whether posts, comments, blog posts, or documents – a social intranet and the collaboration that takes place on it thrives on sharing content and information. This allows users to mutually benefit from other’s knowledge, which can then be incorporated into their own work.

Perhaps a colleague has posted an interesting study that would be useful for a current project? Or an employee’s read that there’s a new colleague in HR who turns out to be the new contact person for their particular concern? There are so many possibilities...

If as many users as possible share their knowledge, everyone stays up to date and has a better idea of what’s happening in the company. Be a role model and eliminate users’ inhibitions in sharing relevant topics.

Offer added value

A wonderful theme isn’t enough on its own! Show users how Haiilo can help them in their everyday working life and make this easier. Only those who find what they’re looking for in Haiilo will come back and visit your digital home regularly. Plus, you offer a positive user experience.

All of the important information and functions can be found in Haiilo? Frequently needed forms and documents can be accessed in a central location? Helpful links are available in the launchpad? Other internally required tools are integrated into Haiilo or can be accessed via it? Great! This offers your users many advantages for collaboration and lays the foundation for acceptance. Consider what information is relevant and provide this in an appropriate form.

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