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The Forum app allows users to post questions and open topics for discussion with other users in the page or community. It is useful when you need knowledge from a group or diverse perspectives on a subject. The most common use cases include a help forum, an FAQ forum, a platform for teams to agree on a particular approach, and a place for users to seek advice.

Set up the app

Once you've added a Forum app to your page or community, you can configure it. Also, read Apps overview for general information on apps.

  • Name: Give your app a meaningful name that best reflects its topic and use case.
  • Activate this app: Activate it immediately or leave it in the deactivated mode. A deactivated app is only visible to admins of a page or community. The app is in draft mode.
  • URL: By default, the URL is generated from the app's name, but you can change it to something else. Any old links leading to the app won't work anymore after you change it.

Start a forum thread

Everyone who can access the page or community can start a new forum thread. When a new thread is published, all page subscribers or community members are notified of a new thread being created.

  1. Select Create a new thread
  2. Enter a title for your thread. Often, this is a question or a short statement. We recommend that the thread title is descriptive enough to let subscribers and members know what the thread is about.
  3. Write your thread's body text. The field is rich-text, so you can add formatting, lists, and media.
  4. Optionally, you can attach files to the thread instead of including them in the body text.
  5. Select Publish thread when you're ready to create it

You cannot edit a forum thread after publication, but you can delete it instead.

Reply to a thread

Anyone accessing the page or community can respond to an open thread. All participants in the thread, including the creator and subscribers, receive a notification when a new reply is posted.

  1. Select a thread to open it
  2. Add your reply in the Type a reply field
  3. Optionally, add formatting, lists, media, or files to your reply
  4. Select Send reply to submit

Sharing, liking, or mentioning colleagues in forum threads or replies is not possible.

You can edit your reply as long as there are no new replies beneath it. Alternatively, you can delete your replies. Once a reply is deleted, all information is removed from it, but a message saying "This answer has been deleted" is shown for transparency.

an example of a closed forum thread.png

View the thread overview

The thread overview displays all published threads with their creator, creation date, title, number of replies, and details about the most recent reply.

The thread overview is sorted by thread submission date and status by default. Pinned posts are shown at the top regardless of their submission date, followed by open threads and closed threads.

  • Filter: Filter the list to display only pinned or closed threads.
  • Search: Search for any text found in a forum thread. This includes text in the thread title and any reply.
  • Pin / Unpin: Admins can highlight threads by pinning them. A pinned thread appears fixed at the top of the overview. If there are multiple pinned threads, they are sorted by the date of creation.
    • When a thread is pinned, it is marked with a icon on a yellow background. If the thread is also closed, it displays a icon on a yellow background.
    • A pinned thread can be unpinned and will return to its original position in the sorting order.
  • Close / Reopen: Admins and thread creators can close and reopen threads. Once closed, other users cannot reply to a thread; only the admins and thread creators can.
  • Delete: Admins and thread creators can delete a thread. A deleted thread loses all replies.

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