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The list of Colleagues is a digital address book of all the users on your platform, sorted alphabetically by surname. You can see a profile card with profile information for each user and can select a card to navigate to that user's profile. Depending on your platform's settings, you might be able to follow or message a user via quick action. In the list of colleagues, you can use search or the filters to find your colleagues. 

You can access the Colleagues list from the people icon in the navigation bar. You need "Access Colleague List" permission to see this option and use the Colleagues list.

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Search the list

When using the Colleagues list, you can search for a colleague by typing the first few characters of a profile card field. For instance, if you're trying to find someone in the "marketing" department, you should start your search with "mark" to get results. Unfortunately, it is not possible to search by letters in the middle or end of a field. This means that if you try to search for "ting" in "marketing," you won't get any results.

The information on a user's profile card is taken from their profile. By default, the below fields are searchable on a profile card if they have been filled out in the user's profile:

  • First and last name (fixed position)
  • Title (fixed position)
  • Department (fixed position)
  • Email address (fixed position)

To show more profile fields on a user's profile card in the Colleagues list, you can use the API to set "overview": true for the corresponding profile field. Adding a profile field to the profile card will also make it searchable. The order of new profile fields on the profile card is determined by the profile group and field order, sortOrder and Order.

You can also use the global search for more advanced searching. In the global search, you can search for colleagues by any information on their profile, not just what is visible and at the beginning of a field on the profile card in the Colleagues list. Just enter your search term and filter by type > Colleagues.

Filter the list

You can narrow down the Colleagues list by using filters to find specific colleagues based on information you know about them. There are four filters available by default:

  • Availability: Shows users who have an active WebSocket connection and have set their status to Available/Online.
  • Status: You can choose to view:
    • Following: Users that you follow.
    • Not following: Users that you don't follow.
    • Followers: Users that follow you.
  • Department: Shows options populated from the Department field in users' profiles. Colleagues who have no input for this field are listed under N/A.
  • Current location: Shows options populated from the Current location field in users' profiles. Colleagues who have no input for this field are listed under N/A

To add more profile field filters to the Colleagues list, you can use the API to set "searchAggregation": true for the corresponding profile field. To change the order of filters, add "searchAggregationOrder": number where 1 is shown first, 2 second, and so on.

Fill users' profile fields, such as Department, Location, Company, Office, from a user directory to ensure all profiles have basic information that is formatted in the same way, as long as this information is available in a centralized company directory. If you want to encourage users to maintain some fields independently to personalize their profile, you could allow them to edit fields such as Hometown, Interests, Projects, About, etc. You can configure the available profile fields with the API.

Below is an example where the Office profile field has been added as a filter option and included on the profile card:

colleagues list filter and profile card customization.png

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