Microsoft 365 in Haiilo

Haiilo's integration with Microsoft 365 enhances your digital home by offering all commonly used Microsoft programs on one platform. This simplifies your employees' daily work and makes it more efficient.

There are two packages available to you in Haiilo:

Microsoft 365 add-on

The M365 package can be booked additionally and includes the following integrations:

These are already available for the Cloud. On-Premises customers can use the integrations from major release version 21 or the search of SharePoint Online files from major release 28. Only the Haiilo chatbot is not available for on-premises customers.

Activate add-on

You need a valid license key to use the Microsoft 365 add-on. Simply create a ticket via the Service Desk, and our Account Managers will be in touch with you.

Microsoft 365 basic

The Basic package is included in the Haiilo product as standard. This includes:

Preview for Office files

With the help of the preview for Office files, you don’t need to download files to see the content. By clicking on the document, you get a preview of the content and can easily scroll down the document.

The preview only applies to Word and PowerPoint files. You need to be logged in with your Microsoft 365 account before you can use this feature. 

Set up in Haiilo

You can set up quick and clear access to Word, Excel, and the like with the following steps.

First, you need to add a new authentication provider in Haiilo. Under "Administration" > "Authentication", you can find the button "Create authentication provider" in the top right-hand corner:


We've simplified the connection for you as far as Microsoft allows: We have saved default settings so that Haiilo automatically completes the fields where the parameters don’t differ.

  1. Name: Freely selectable – for recognition purposes, we recommend "M365" / "Microsoft 365"

  2. Type: OpenID Connect

  3. Default setting: Microsoft 365 + Integrations

Once you've selected the default settings, all of the fields are completed automatically – apart from three. You now need to generate the last three fields, "Client-ID", "Client Secret" and "Tenant-Id" from your Microsoft account.

Set up in Microsoft Azure

Log in to your Microsoft Azure and navigate to the app registrations section. There you’ll find the button "+ New registration":
Then enter a name of your choice in the new app registration and select the second point "Accounts in any organizational directory (any Azure AD directory – Multi-tenant)" and confirm with "Register".
Afterwards the settings for this app registration will open. Here, copy the "Application ID (Client)" and paste this into the field "Client-ID" in the authentication provider configuration in Haiilo. As well as copy the "Directory (tenant) ID" and paste this into the field "Tenant-Id" in the authentication provider configuration in Haiilo.
Under the menu point on the left, "Certificates & Secrets", you now create a new "Secret Client Key". Here, too, you’re free to choose a name. You can set the validity to "Never" as the connection exists for as long as you hold the license for Haiilo or the license for M365.
The newly created key is only visible once when it’s created. It’s no longer possible to copy the code later on.

Copy this key and paste it under "Client Secret" in the authentication provider configuration in Haiilo.

Now save the configuration of the authentication provider in Haiilo once and edit it again.

In the lower area shown in blue, the "redirect URL" is now created. Please copy this and paste it under "Redirect URLs" in your Azure account (see right side of the screenshot above). Please always choose "Web" under "Web application" when adding the URL.

In the next step you have to set the API permissions in Azure under "API permissions". These are listed in the Haiilo configuration under "Scope". It is important that you set them as type "Delegated" and have them granted by an admin (this is indicated by the green check mark).
These are the mentioned permissions:
If you do not want to assign one of these permissions, you can simply omit it.
You cannot omit the permissions "offline_access" and "openid" because otherwise the integration will not work. However, you can omit the following permissions if you do not need the function of the integration:
  • Calendars.ReadWrite = Outlook sync of events
  • Mail.Read = Badge for Outlook symbol in the launchpad
  • User.Read = Login of a user

Save! You're finished in the Microsoft Azure interface.

You can now also save the configuration in the Haiilo administration.

For the final implementation, you need to log out and log in with the M365 application: 


It's possible that a different description will appear for you here. In the first step, you selected the name that should be used for the authentication provider within the Haiilo interface. If necessary, you can change the name later on without any problems. Please also ensure that the users are already saved in Haiilo for the login with M365.

Make Microsoft 365 available to users

You've now connected Haiilo to Microsoft 365 and put in place all of the technical requirements. To allow the users to be able to use the Microsoft 365 functions, you need to select "Office 365" as active integration and grant your users the permission "Activate Microsoft 365", which you can find in your roles under "User administration". Only then can they use the features.



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