Using automatic translations

Automatic translation is an additional multi-language feature that you can activate. Automatic translation allows you to translate foreign language timeline posts, blog articles, wiki articles, and comments into your preferred language on both desktop and mobile.

If you only have Haiilo's Modern Intranet module, the additional multi-language features need to be acquired and added to your platform before they can be activated. Please contact your Account Manager for assistance.

Acquire an API key

You need an API key from either DeepL or Microsoft Translator to use automatic translations.

To obtain the API key, you will need to purchase a package or a license from the provider. You can opt for the DeepL API package or a Microsoft 365 license with access to Microsoft Translator.

Option: DeepL

On the DeepL website, you will find information on how to purchase a DeepL API package. The DeepL API Free Plan cannot be used. After you have purchased a package and set up your account, you can find the API key in the account settings. The languages that DeepL supports can be found here.

With DeepL, you pay a base fee and per translated character. However, you don't pay for each translation performed on the same Haiilo post but for the one-time translation of the post into the respective target language.

Example: If person A translates an English post into German, a price per translated character is paid. If person B also translates the same post into German later on, this has already been performed and paid for with the translation for person A. If person B translates into Spanish, this would be a different target language, so a new translation would be paid for with a one-time price per translated character.

Option: Microsoft Translator

You need to create a Microsoft Translator resource in Microsoft Entra ID. You can find out how that works in the documentation for Microsoft Translator. After, you can create the API key from Resource Management > Keys and Endpoints. Ensure you save the location, as your API key only functions for the configured location.

Microsoft Translator is part of the Microsoft Cognitive Services. Up to 2 million characters are free monthly, and you can choose between various packages. The languages that Microsoft Translator supports can be found here.

Activate automatic translation

  1. Go to Administration > System settings > General settings
  2. Check Enable automatic translations
  3. Select your translation provider and enter your API key
  4. Select Save

Translate posts and comments

After enabling automatic translations, find a foreign language post or comment and select Translate. The content will be translated into your preferred language.

translated timeline post.png

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