Automatic translations

Do you see a post, a share of a blog article or a comment in your timeline that is not in the language you set in Haiilo? No problem, with the help of the translation feature you can display it in your language.


In order to enjoy automatic translations, two criteria need to be fulfilled:

  • You need our Multi-Language add-on 
  • You have a Microsoft 365 license with access to the Microsoft Translator or a DeepL API package

Also, in order to use one of the translation services in Haiilo, you will need an API key from the respective provider - Microsoft Translator or DeepL.

Option: DeepL

You can find the API key from DeepL in your DeepL account.

You can find the costs for the DeepL API package ("For developers") directly on the provider’s website and also take out a package there. You pay a basic fee and then per translated character. But don’t worry: You don’t pay for each translation performed on the same post, but for the one-time translation of the post into the respective target language.


If person A translates an English post into German, a price per translated character is paid for this. If person B also translates the same post into German later on, this has already been performed and paid for with the translation for person A. If, however, person B translates into Spanish, this would be a different target language and so a new translation would be paid for with a one-time price per translated character.

Option: Microsoft Translator

To use the automatic translations from Microsoft Translator, you need to create a Microsoft Translator resource in your Azure Active Directory. You can find out how that works in the Microsoft documentation for Microsoft Translator.

Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll find the point "Keys and Endpoints" in Resource Management. Here you will find the key that you save in the Haiilo Administration under the general settings (see section "Connect translation service" here in the article). 


Please make sure that you also save the location. Your API key only functions for the configured location. 

Microsoft Translator is part of the Microsoft Cognitive Services Up to 2 million characters are free per month, then you can choose between various packages.

Configuration in Haiilo

To enter the corresponding API key in Haiilo, go to "Administration" > "General settings" and add a tick next to "Activate automatic translations". The menu expands, you select the translation provider and enter the API key.


For On-Premises installations, the service has to first be activated on the server. To do this, set the parameter COYO_ENABLE_TRANSLATION in the .env file. You then need to restart your Haiilo.


After you have configured this, simply click the "Translate" button on a Timeline post that was not created in the language you set, and you will get the translation.



What content can be translated automatically?

The following content can be automatically translated:

  • Blog article
  • Timeline post
  • Comment on a blog article or timeline post

What languages are available?

This always depends on the provider:

Why am I getting incorrect translations?

We often receive inquiries about incorrect automatic translations. However, this is not due to Haiilo or the DeepL package but instead results from browser plugins. If users have activated a translation plugin in their browser, pages or parts of them that these translators identify as deviating from the user’s system language are automatically translated. We recommend deactivating the browser add-on so that it doesn’t cause incorrect translations.

Do automatic translations also work in the Haiilo Mobile App?

Yes, the Haiilo Mobile App supports automatic translations as well.

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