User administration: connect local users to a user directory

You are preparing your Haiilo to launch, and some users have already been created locally in Haiilo to create content. Now you are ready to connect a user directory to Haiilo, but how can you update your local users to be connected to the directory?

In this article, we will explain how to connect local users to a user directory:

  1. First of all, your Haiilo needs an active user directory (you can find instructions for this here)
  2. Then, you find and edit the user you want to connect in the Administration
    • It is important to note that this user has not yet been synchronized via AD
  3. In the "Remote user directory" field, specify the active user directory
  4. In the field "Remote user ID," you have to enter the ID that the user has in your user directory per the field that you specified in the configuration of the user directory in Haiilo under "User ID".
    • The value you define as the referenced user ID connects the user to the respective user account of the user directory
  5. At the next successful user directory synchronization, the user accounts will be connected accordingly



If you encounter problems, information can be found in the backend logs. As an on-premise customer, you can view the backend logs on your own. As a cloud customer, we can do this for you, please contact our service desk.

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