Connecting local users to a user directory

You can update previously created local users to be connected to a user directory. This is useful if some users have already been created locally in Haiilo before you set up your user provisioning.

  1. First, you need to set up and activate a user directory. This will be the user directory you connect the local users to.
  2. Then, you find and edit the user you want to connect in Administration > User management
    • It's important to note that the user hasn't yet been synchronized via a user directory
  3. In the Remote user directory field, choose the user directory you've set up
  4. In the field Remote user ID, enter the ID that the user has in your user directory. You should use the value from the same field specified in the user directory setup in Haiilo under User unique ID.
    • The value you define as the referenced user ID connects the user to the respective user account in the user directory. The user is considered orphaned if the values differ in Haiilo and the user directory. 
  5. Save to apply changes
  6. At the next successful user directory synchronization, the user accounts will be connected.

remove user id edit user.png

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