Inserting a tracking code

You can integrate a tracking code from a provider of your choice into Haiilo. You need "Manage system settings" permission to add a tracking code.

It is possible to track elements on the platform that have a unique https address. However, the specific elements that can be tracked in detail depend on what your tracking provider offers.

Also, Haiilo is a Single Page Application (SPA), meaning it never loads fully once a user is online. Most tracking code providers are designed for "normal" websites. This means that every click by a user causes the page to reload. If your provider doesn't expressly support SPAs, you need to make your own customizations in the provider's tracking code.

Haiilo cannot help with tracking-related tasks, such as issues with your tracking code or generating, managing, and analyzing results.

Add a tracking code

  1. Copy the tracking code from your provider
  2. Go to Administration > System settings > General settings
  3. Paste the tracking code into the specified field
  4. Select Save to apply changes.

After the page is manually reloaded (Ctrl+R), the tracking code is active and has been added at the end of the <body>.

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