Insert tracking code

These instructions explain how you can integrate the tracking code from a provider of your choice into Haiilo.

Adding a tracking code

Open the General Settings in the Administration area of Haiilo. Then copy the tracking code into the specified field. The changes are activated by clicking the field "Save"

After the page is manually reloaded (Ctrl+R), the tracking code is active and so has been added at the end of the "Body".

Single Page Application

Haiilo is a Single Page Application (SPA), which means that it never loads fully again once a user is online. Most providers are designed for "normal" websites. This means that every click by a user causes the page to reload.

If your provider doesn’t expressly support SPAs, this means that you need to make your own customizations in the provider’s tracking code.


Haiilo does not support any code that you added.

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