Use case: Homepage with focus on news

Some companies start off with a simply designed homepage so as not to overwhelm their employees and gradually introduce them to Haiilo. The focus is usually placed on company news, which is made available to employees by Internal Communications or Corporate Communications.

In this article, we give you two examples of how you can create homepages with a focus on news.

Aim of the homepage

Before we start creating the homepage, let’s first consider its objective:
  • Providing employees with information about company-wide news
  • Highlighting important news with appealing pictures
  • Trend monitor for topics and as a feedback channel 

Implementation with Haiilo

In our example, we have used the following widgets
  • Subscriptions
  • Trending hashtags
  • Link button
  • Latest blog articles
  • Teaser
  • Timeline
  • Welcome


No. 1:

In our first example, the focus lies on company-wide news and interaction. Important news is highlighted with the teaser. In companies with a high volume of articles, it may be helpful to add a link to a specially created news page. In our example, there are several news channels, so only the global – i.e. company-wide – news is promoted here.

This example is also about identifying trends and employee interests on certain topics and using these for Internal Communications. This is possible using the "Trending hashtags" widget on the homepage.




No. 2:

In our second example, it’s all about informing employees about news from various company departments. To do this, important news is firstly highlighted with the teaser. Currently, more news also appears in the "News" area. We have used the "Latest blog articles" widget for this and given this its own name.

On this rather editorial homepage, there are also two links to other pages, as these are topics that are often in demand in the company. We have achieved this with the "Link button" widget. You can naturally also link to other internal tools or external websites here.



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