Use case: Pinterest-style homepage

Pinterest is an application that acts as a digital pinboard for graphics and photographs. Users can use it to obtain information about news and best practices of all kinds and gain ideas. Haiilo gives you the opportunity to design a homepage in this style to draw your users’ attention to certain content

Aim of the homepage

Before we start creating the homepage, let’s first consider its objective:
  • Informing employees about important company news
  • Preparing "trendy" news from various departments
  • Generating interest with appealing pictures

Implementation with Haiilo

In our example, we have exclusively used the "blog article" widget. This widget is one of the static widgets in Haiilo. This means that the content of this widget always stays the same – until you change it.
As a result, this page is associated with a somewhat greater editorial workload as the editors of this homepage must select the news in order to promote it.
This homepage is above all brought to life with its imagery! This means it is important that you use meaningful and high-resolution pictures. Consider what news you want to push here. Those with an appealing headline and editorially valuable texts should feature right at the top of your list.



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