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Haiilo Home offers you the possibility to manage documents yourself, with or without access by other people. Common examples for using the app: templates, guidelines or project documents.

For private files, each user also has the option to upload documents under their profile and the "My Files" section.

You want to make documents available to all your colleagues? Simply integrate the document app on pages or in communities. To do this, you need the corresponding administration rights for the corresponding page or community.

Create & configure app

You can create as many document apps as you want on a page or community. After the creation you have the following options.


The app does not always have to be called "Documents". Applications, forms, protocols, ... - specific names help your colleagues to find their way around more quickly.


If the checkmark is set, the app is visible for all users, otherwise only the admins of the respective page/community can see it. If you as an admin would like to upload all documents in peace first, you can deactivate the app first and then activate it for all colleagues once all documents have been uploaded. Alternatively, you can also create inactive apps here, to which only the admins have access.

Show author

This function creates an additional column in the document overview with the name of the colleague who uploaded or last edited the document.

If the author field is checked, the name, including a link to his profile, will be displayed in the following areas:

  • Overview of documents in the app: A column showing all authors appears
  • Preview of a document: In the information area of the preview, the author is displayed in addition to the location and date of the upload
  • Version history of a document: In addition to the time of the upload, the name of the user who uploaded the corresponding version is also visible

If the field is unchecked, regular users and app admins will not be able to see who created or last edited the document, nor will they receive any named details in the history. There is an exception for moderators and super admins. They can still see in the version history when the change was made and also by whom.

New document notification

By enabling this feature, either all users of the site/community will be notified about the upload of new documents in the notification bell or only the admins of the site/community.


Defines who can upload documents - and if users have the right, also who can delete documents.

Upload, update, move & rename files

Uploading files is very easy in the documents app. Either drag and drop your file onto the document app or use the arrow in the upper right corner of the app. The arrow takes you to the explorer on your desktop device, where you can select the appropriate files. They will be uploaded to the folder in Haiilo Home where you clicked upload.


If you ever want to update a file, you can easily upload a new version of the file. There are two ways to do this:

  1. In the folder overview you can call up the option via the three dots and thus directly upload a new version
  2. If you are already in the preview of the document, click on the small icon with the plus sign

In the preview of the file you will also see the "History" tab on the right. Here the version history is displayed and here you also have the option to open past versions. Versioning cannot be disabled.


There are no limits on how often a new version can be uploaded.

If you have created several files, you can simply move them via drag & drop. For example, click on the desired document until the line is grayed out and move the document to the desired folder. Do you want to move a document back from a folder? Then it works in the same way. Haiilo Home shows you that the document will be moved to the parent folder.

If you want to rename files once, you can do this via a separate option of the file. Click on the three dots of the file and select "Rename".


To avoid accidentally changing the file type when changing the file name and thus rendering the file unusable, only the file name can be adjusted.


If you delete a documents app and forget to back up the files in it externally beforehand, the app's files are deleted along with the app.

Create & delete folders

You can create entire folder structures in a single document app when you create new folders. Theoretically, there are no limits to how many subfolders you can create.

Within the folders you can also move documents and folders via drag & drop.

If a user wants to delete a whole folder including the documents, he/she must confirm the deletion twice. Firstly, "I confirm the deletion" must be checked. If this has been done, the button for confirmation is colored red and "Delete folder" must then be pressed.

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