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The Timeline app serves as a communication channel within pages and communities. The app is commonly used for posting questions and information to initiate discussions among community members or page subscribers. At the same time, you can use the Timeline app to provide official information to page subscribers or community members.

There is also a Timeline widget and a personal profile timeline, but they have different purposes than the app. Although all timelines have the same options for creating and configuring posts, the Timeline widget works like a newsfeed instead of a communication channel. Your personal profile timeline only displays activities you're directly related to. Read Timeline overview for more information.

Set up the app

Once you've added a Timeline app to your page or community, you can configure it. Also, read Apps overview for general information on apps.

  • Name: Give your app a meaningful name that best reflects its topic and use case.
  • Activate this app: Activate it immediately or leave it in the deactivated mode. A deactivated app is only visible to admins of a page or community. The app is in draft mode.
  • URL: By default, the URL is generated from the app's name, but you can change it to something else. Any old links leading to the app won't work anymore after you change it.
  • Authors: Define who can post on the timeline of the page or community the app is placed in:
    • Everyone: Everyone being able to post on the timeline is the default setting of every Timeline app. The setting is recommended to encourage users to use the app and start conversations and discussions.
    • Only admins: In cases where you want to have complete control over the content that is posted on a page or community timeline, you can set it up so that only admins can post. When this setting is enabled, subscribers and members can still view the posts on the timeline, but they cannot create any timeline posts themselves. This option gives the timeline a more official character and ensures that all content being posted is authorized by an admin.

You can only add one Timeline app per page or community. This is because multiple apps would show the same content.

Post on a page or community timeline

You post on a page or community timeline by creating a timeline post. You can find instructions and formatting options in Creating timeline posts.

creating a timeline post on a page.png

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