The tour: How new users get to know Haiilo

Haiilo is based on the concept that users can get started easily and be intuitively guided around their new digital home. New users can learn how to use and navigate around Haiilo as they go along.

With our tour, we make it particularly easy and pleasant for users to get started with Haiilo. The tour through the system begins once a user logs in for the first time and helps them find their feet in their new digital home. It explains the individual areas in Haiilo step by step – depending on which of the individual functions the user accesses.

The following areas are covered by the tour:

  • Main navigation
  • Private messages (channels and chat)
  • Timeline 
The great thing about it: The tour can be continued or restarted at a later time! This gives users complete flexibility to gradually get to know Haiilo and breathe life into it. 

Where can the tour be (re-)started?

Simply select the dropdown menu next to your personal profile and click on "Start tour". And then it begins!
If the users don’t want to take the tour, they can stop it at any time. The tour can’t be deactivated globally for all users. 

Can the tour be customized?

The tour can be customized in terms of formulations. However, which elements are explained is predetermined and can’t be changed.

Like all system text in Haiilo, you can also add customizations here using the language keys. Under Administration > Languages, simply search for the term "Tour" and you’ll be shown all associated system text, which you can customize as you please.


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