The platform tour for new users

Haiilo aims to provide an intuitive platform for users to easily learn how to navigate it. Our tour makes it effortless and enjoyable for users to start with Haiilo.

The system tour begins when a user logs in for the first time and guides them through the platform's different areas step by step, based on the individual functions they access. It explains each feature of Haiilo, making it easier for the user to navigate the platform.

Understand the tour

The following areas are covered by the tour (if enabled and appropriate permissions are given):

  • Main navigation areas
    • Company logo that leads back to the landing page
    • Pages
    • Communities
    • Events
    • Search
    • Colleagues list
    • Launchpad
  • Timeline
  • Private messages (channels and chat)


The tour can be paused and resumed later, allowing for flexibility. It can also be restarted from the user drop-down menu > Restart tour.

If users want to skip the tour, they can individually stop it anytime. The tour cannot be disabled by the admins for all users.

Customize the tour text

The tour can be tailored in terms of formulations. However, the elements to be explained are predetermined and cannot be altered.

Like all system text in Haiilo, you can also add customizations using language keys. Under Administration > Languages, search for the term Tour and you'll be shown all associated system text, which you can customize.

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