On-Prem: Persistent data in Haiilo

This article relates to the On-Premises installation of Haiilo.

In Docker, important or large amounts of data are not saved in the containers themselves so that the containers are available quickly and remain replaceable. Instead, a volume is created on the host.

In Haiilo, the data path for this data is defined in the .env (environment).

As the file has a dot in front of the name, it’s invisible.

The file contains an entry for the file path:


When using Haiilo, the following folders are created in this:

backend backup db es es-logs mongo rabbitmq redis

These contain all the important information that you have created in your Haiilo so far, consisting of log files, backups, databases and indexes. 

backend  backend directory 
`-- logs  Backend log file 
backup  Backup files
|-- database  PostgreSQL database backup (full backup, older files can be deleted)
|-- filestore  MongoDB database backup (incremental, do not delete!)
`-- logs  Backup log files
db  Active PostgreSQL database
`-- [...]  Active PostgreSQL database
es  Elasticsearch search engine
`-- elasticsearch  Indexes
es-logs  Elasticsearch/Kibana logging
`-- nodes  Indexes
mongo  MongoDB
|-- diagnostic.data  Metrics on the status of the database 
`-- journal  Write-ahead-logging 
rabbitmq  RabbitMQ
|-- config  Configuration files
|-- mnesia  Nodes 
`-- schema  Schema configuration 
redis  single-file Backup for Redis


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