Get started with communities in Haiilo

You should customize the number of communities depending on how big your project team is: the smaller the team, the smaller you keep the number of communities and let the users find out for themselves what communities are best suited for. 

Initial communities for important teams/departments

One proven approach is for the most important teams or departments to create communities with initial apps and invite the corresponding target groups. An inviting post and initial content help to get things started and take away the "fear" of being the first to post, as it’s initially easier to read and like content than to become active yourself in a new environment.

Find out more here about what something like this could look like.

Help community

Beginnings are always difficult, so it’s a good idea to offer users help with Haiilo in Haiilo. Why not use a community? Your internal Haiilo experts can answer any questions that emerge there with a forum app, for instance, and thus also encourage other users to contribute their ideas and answers. With an additional wiki, it’s possible for you to provide CI-compliant guides on important functions. Other apps can be added here.

Read more here about an example you can recreate.

Additional community ideas

Here are some other community ideas that have received positive feedback from users:

  • Communities for interest groups, e.g., for your company running group or hobby photographers
  • Community to exchange info between different departments
  • Communities to collect important documents

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