Our recommendation for a good default role

The decision as to what your default role looks like depends on how you want to get started with Haiilo.

One possible option could be that your users can see everything, but are not initially allowed to create any elements:


Possible actions for a user with these permissions

Your colleagues have all social functions available to them for the timeline, so they can like, comment, and edit posts. They can access their own timeline as well as those of other users and global timelines, such as on homepages.

They can manage their own profile and personal settings and notifications themselves. There is also the possibility of uploading their own documents and viewing public documents. If the page/community settings allow it, they can also access and change these.

Pages and communities are both visible, but new elements cannot be added. For communities, users have permission to edit settings and manage apps. It was decided that only apps can be edited on pages. Users can create and edit events independently.  

The user can also edit Office documents with these permissions and read news with the mobile app. The launchpad can also be used in full.   

Important when assigning permissions

The general permissions set out many global ways to have an influence on almost all areas of Haiilo. To give you a better idea, here are some real-life examples for you: 

  • If a user is globally not permitted to comment, then the option to comment is not available anywhere: neither on timelines nor at the bottom of blogs or wikis.
  • A user without the permission to Access the file library, will also not be able to access documents in document apps.

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