Our recommendation for an admin concept

Administration is the centerpiece of Haiilo. You should therefore take appropriate care when considering which users you assign which permissions to.

We recommend that you divide up the administrative tasks into communication and IT. This offers the advantage that everyone receives permissions according to their skills and is involved in your Haiilo.

Communications admin

The communications admin is generally responsible for anything visible and content-related concerning communication.
They can:

  • Manage and edit homepages,
  • Set global widgets and apps,
  • Create, edit, and delete pages, communities and events, and
  • Has access in Administration to general settings, terms of use, statistics, and much more.

Especially for pages, we recommend placing the permission to create pages in the hands of the communications admins. This ensures that the pages are uniform and things don’t get out of hand.

And very importantly: The communications admin has the permission "Access to moderator mode", enabling them to change layouts and access non-public pages and communities – but not private chats. 

IT admin

The IT admin is responsible for all technical matters (in the background). They manage maintenance mode, take care of topics such as AD connectivity, managing plug-ins, REST API customizations, CSS, and automated jobs.
The IT admin also requires access to moderator mode. For the sake of completeness, you can see below the other permissions that we recommend for the role of communications admin.

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