Haiilo API calls

The term API is an abbreviation for "Application Program Interface" and is a collective term for protocols, procedures, and tools in the software development process. 

To generate an API statement, you need the command GET – the APIs that we support can then be used to access the desired content.

As we are constantly asked about example calls, we’ve listed the three most common ones here.

1. What is the API call to access a list of all subscribers to a Page?

The API statement to generate a list of the users who have subscribed to a Page is as follows:
GET to /api/users/USER_ID/subscriptions

2. How can I perform a search for field content using the API?  

Only the entire user object can be output via API statement. However, this includes the ID.
The example command is as follows and contains these parameters:
Which field = searchFields=email
SearchTerm= term=<email-address>
GET https://<your-coyo-domain>/api/users?searchFields=email&term=<email-address>&_page=0&_pageSize=10

cURL Example:
curl -X 
GET https://<your-coyo-domain>/api/users?searchFields=email&term=<email-address>&_page=0&_pageSize=10 -H
authorization: Bearer <token>

3. How can the field "Directory" in user administration be searched via API statement?

The following GET command makes it possible to produce a list of all users including all fields:
GET /api/users?with=adminFields

... and what can't I access?

For some fields, no customization via API is possible.
These are:
  • Properties
  • Customization of a mandatory field as a "non-mandatory field"

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