Mobile App: error message appears

This article only concerns On-Premises customers.

An error message appears when entering a URL

If you have problems when entering your Haiilo URL in the mobile app, it’s most likely a result of your SSL certificate no longer being current.

You can test your certificate with this website: SSL test. If the following errors should appear, the certificate must be customized:

How can I customize the certificate?

What’s known as the "intermediate certificate" must be integrated into the Haiilo certificate:
  1. Log into your Haiilo host.
  2. Navigate to cd /home/haiilo/ 
  3. By default, your certificate is called "" (in your .env file) and the intermediate certificate is saved as "inter.cert".
    Please use the following command to renew the certificate:
cat inter.cert >> cert.pem && sudo ./ && sudo ./

Push notifications do not work

Extra information for our on-premises customers: A key is automatically stored in the cloud that enables push notifications. A general information on how to troubleshoot the push notifications can be found here.

For customers who host their Haiilo themselves, an additional step is required here:

We will generate a push key for you via our customer service. You just have to add it to your .env file. Please contact our Service Desk.

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