Account settings

A user can see and change settings for their account from the user drop-down menu's Account settings option. This requires "Manage account settings" permission.

  • Account: You can edit your first and last name and email address if your account was created locally on the platform. If your account was created through a user directory sync, you cannot edit these fields.
  • Time zone: Your time zone is determined by your browser's time zone. To change it, adjust your browser's settings.
  • Language: When you first access Haiilo, your language is set to the default language selected by the admins, but you can change it in your settings. Your chosen language determines the platform language and, in case your Haiilo platform uses multi-language or automatic translations, in which language you'll see and be able to translate content. The admins determine the available language options for your account.
  • Change Password: You can change your password by first entering your current password and then a new password. The new password needs to fit the password policy. If your account was created through a user directory sync, you cannot see the password section in your account settings.
  • Integrations: If a Microsoft or Google integration is enabled in your¬†Haiilo platform, you can enable a sync between your calendar and Haiilo in this section. Otherwise, this section is not shown.
  • Devices: You can see a list of the mobile devices, i.e., phones and tablets, that you have used to log in to the Haiilo mobile app. If you haven't logged into Haiilo on a mobile device, the message "No devices found" appears.
    • You can also log out of any device by selecting Logout. Once a device is deleted from the list, you're automatically logged out from the Haiilo mobile app on that device.
  • Other sessions: You can see all your active sessions.

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