Subscriptions widget

The subscriptions widget is a handy overview of your subscribed communities and pages. It shows what, in your view, are the most important elements that you always want to be updated on. 

The most common use case for the widget is on the homepage as page navigation.

There's a special situation for communities: You can be a member of a community but not be subscribed to it. This means that the community does not appear in the subscriptions widget, and you are not notified on the timeline nor via the notifications bell about new posts and activities within the community.

If you're missing a page or community in your subscriptions, you can check this in the respective element: At the bottom left, under Options, you will find the bell. If it has a blue background and says "Subscribed", the notifications are activated. 


What is displayed in the subscriptions widget 

The number of subscribed pages and communities gets bigger and bigger over time. To prevent the displayed list from becoming excessively long, only 5 pages and 5 communities are displayed. Auto-subscribed pages are shown at the top and can be distinguished by the pin symbol.

You can also mark communities that you often need as favorites via mouseover. These communities are displayed in alphabetical order above and in addition to the 5 communities. The star shows you the communities you have marked as favorites.


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