Subscriptions widget

The Subscriptions widget provides you with a personalized overview of your subscribed pages and communities. Typically, the widget is installed on the homepage and acts as a shortcut to all your relevant pages and communities in the platform. Besides your actively subscribed pages and communities, the widget also shows the pages you are automatically subscribed to. Auto subscriptions are marked with a pin icon and displayed on top.

If you are a member of a community but actively unsubscribed from it, the community won't show in the widget.

Use the widget

When setting up the widget, there are no configuration options. However, here are some hints on how to use it:

  • Show more: To see more pages or communities than is displayed by default, select Show more.
    • Pages: Five pages are displayed in the list. Auto-subscribed pages are shown first, followed by others in alphabetical order.
    • Communities: All your favorite communities are displayed in the list, followed by five non-favorited communities.
  • Add to favorites: You can mark your favorite communities with a star icon to show them on top in the list.


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