Microsoft 365: Features overview

With the introduction of Microsoft 365, several additional features are available to you, below you will find an overview.

MS Basic: Work with Office files in Haiilo

You can not only upload Office documents to Haiilo, but you can also edit them directly in Haiilo. To do this, you need:
  1. Active Microsoft integration (add-on)
  2. The permission "Edit files with Microsoft Office", which is assigned in Administration.

The "Edit in Office" function in Haiilo works with all Microsoft Office versions from Office 2013*.  

The system role External Community Member does not have the permission "Edit files with Microsoft Office". As system roles cannot be edited or changed, there is currently no way to grant external users this permission.

MS Basic: Edit Office documents in Haiilo

To be able to edit an Office document (e.g. docx) with Haiilo, you need the corresponding permission (Integrations > "Edit files with Microsoft Office").

If you have permission, a new menu item is added to the preview of documents and also the other document options. In the document preview, the option "Edit" is displayed:


Via the "Edit" button, the corresponding document now opens directly from Haiilo  – in this case, in Microsoft Word.

You also have the option of directly editing the document via the documents app:


There are benefits if you edit your files directly rather than downloading them first:

  • If you save changes within the document, these are saved directly in Haiilo.
    The document is then immediately available to all of your colleagues in an updated form.
  • You have a history, which can be accessed by all of your colleagues. This allows you to restore an older version if necessary.
  • You colleagues will see when the document is being edited.
  • Your colleagues can see who is currently editing the document.

When versioning Office documents, a new version is not created until more than 30 minutes have passed since the previous version was created.

In the period in between, the changes made are of course also saved, but the existing entry in the history is used/overwritten in the process.

Who can unblock the files?

Anyone with the permission to edit the document app can unblock the files.

Error message when uploading edited Office documents – check settings in the Trust Center

If you receive an error message when uploading the edited Microsoft 365 documents, the cause may be a missing setting in the Trust Center of the respective Microsoft Office application. The interface used by Microsoft generally classifies pages from the Internet as "unsafe". This can be set in the Trust Center. Enter the URL of your Haiilo Cloud environment under the option "Trusted locations". 

You can find out more about Microsoft 365 integration here

*Note about older versions of Office

The fundamental technology (WebDAV) is also the same for Office 2010; only the way in which Office is controlled on the WebDAV resource is different.

The Office protocol handler now used is available from Office 2010 SP2.

With Office 2010 - Service Pack 2, "Edit in Office" could also work, although we don’t support Office 2010 and therefore cannot offer any support here.

We fundamentally recommend the "Edit in Office" function from Windows 8 or higher. In conjunction with Windows 7, this function is available with some restrictions as Windows 7 only supports TLS 1.0. And TLS 1.0 is no longer supported by Haiilo due to major security loopholes. By adopting this approach, we are protecting ourselves from these security loopholes being exploited.

MS Add-on: Latest Microsoft 365 files widget

With the Latest Microsoft 365 Files widget, your users will have a direct overview of their M365 files that they can use for their daily productive work directly from Haiilo.


The widget is only usable if the add-on for Microsoft 365 is enabled and the user has logged in with M365 SSO.

If your users do not have access to the add-on or have not logged in via SSO, they will see a notification message:


The widget will always show your users the M365 files they've worked on recently. You can define how many files are displayed here in the settings.


The maximum number of files that can be displayed is 20. For a better overview, the complete list can be viewed simply by clicking the "Show more" button.

The widget also shows you some important additional information about the file:

  • the SharePoint Online folder it is located in,
  • the date and time of the last modification.

You can jump directly to your files from the widget, opening the corresponding tool (e.g. MS Word, MS Excel) in a new browser tab as usual.

Add the widget to your project communities. This way you always have a direct overview of the files you are working on.

MS Add-on: Quick access to Microsoft 365 apps via the launchpad

In Haiilo, you can control the most important Microsoft 365 apps directly and easily via the launchpad. 


Two fundamental requirements need to be met for this:

  • You log into Haiilo with your Microsoft 365 account.
  • Microsoft 365 integration is activated.

As an administrator, go to "Administration" > "General settings" and select Microsoft 365 for "Activate integration"

You also need to assign users the permission "Activate Microsoft 365":

MS Add-on: Synchronize events with the Outlook calendar

Since Cloud release V20, Events that you create yourself or that you have accepted in Haiilo are synchronized with your Outlook calendar. 

Even if subsequent changes are made to events in Haiilo, the details, such as location, time, and date, are updated directly in your Outlook. 

These foundations must be in place for this:

As an administrator, go to "Administration" > "General settings" and select Microsoft 365 for "Activate integration".  
Users only log in with their Microsoft 365 account and assign access permissions to the calendar when they log in for the first time. The user then sees all of the events that they have created or accepted in their Outlook calendar, so they won’t ever miss another event.

MS Add-on: SharePoint Online in Haiilo

Find M365 files from SharePoint in Haiilo

The Haiilo search also makes it possible for you to find files from SharePoint Online from version 22. The prerequisite for this: You have activated Microsoft365 integration for your company and log into Haiilo with your M365. 

The integration makes it easier for you to search for content. You don’t need to consider whether the content’s in Haiilo or in SharePoint Online – you use one search to find the relevant content. This allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for much more quickly.

How it works

You’re searching, for instance, for the term "Marketing report". Alongside the search results from Haiilo, you are also shown the top three results from SharePoint Online. There are two options:

  1. By clicking on the file, it opens in the respective application, or
  2. The users click on "Show all results": A new tab opens and the users are taken to a more comprehensive list of search results in SharePoint Online.


Attach files to posts from SharePoint Online

With Haiilo, you can easily select files from SharePoint Online and attach them to your timeline post, comment or in the chat. The prerequisite for this: You use M365 integration and the permission "Activate Microsoft 365" is selected for the users.

This is how it works

Attaching files from SharePoint is very simple: You click in your post on "Add files" (paperclip) and then see the selection "SharePoint Online". 

This takes you to the overview of the files and folders in your SharePoint Online that you are authorized to access. You decide whether and you browse through your SharePoint folders or use the search. You can mark as many files as you like from different folders as attachments.

You can only attach SharePoint Online files if you are logged into Microsoft 365.


Next, go to "Select" to attach the selected files to your post. Then click on"Send" to publish your post including the attachments from SharePoint.

You can attach files from SharePoint both in the chat and in posts and comments.

Microsoft Stream is the video service included in your Microsoft 365 license. Here you can upload, display, organize and release videos. 

This function is available to you only if you have activated the add-on for Microsoft 365 and logged in with SSO through M365.

In Haiilo you also have the option to display these videos without having to link them again. You can use Microsoft Stream anywhere where you can insert videos. All you need is the URL of the video.

MS Add-on: Microsoft Stream in Haiilo

Presenting videos with a preview

Anywhere where you can use the Rich Text Editor (RTE), there is the option to display a video with a preview. Note that you have to go through the icon for videos. If you insert the link only as text, the link will be generated but the video will not have a preview.



If you want to publish a video in the current position in the longer term, it is worth integrating it via the video widget. A preview is also generated with the aid of the URL. 

Live videos in Microsoft Stream

One function of MS Stream is the live events. Invitations to these events are sent via a URL. In Haiilo you can insert these URLs in an event on the timeline, for example, so that your viewers can participate in the live video directly in Haiilo.

Of course, this also works on the personal or global timeline.

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