Use case: Publish important company news that is mandatory for everyone

The annual report is finished, the board of management has an important matter, or the holiday regulations including requests have been updated and you want to use Haiilo to inform all of the users about this?

We want to show you one way of doing this in the following example. For this configuration, we require a public page for company news with a blog app and these Haiilo functions:

  • Auto-subscribe

  • Sticky

If you regularly have news that is important for all your employees, we recommend having a public page for this communication. This should be maintained editorially by your communication department.

The blog app is particularly well-suited to making editorial texts available. You can find out here what advantages this offers and how you can use it to create posts.

With the help of the auto-subscribe function for pages, you can ensure that every user is informed about news by this page. It is mandatory for everyone and users also cannot unsubscribe from it independently. You can read how to activate this function in this article.

Sticky is a marking in Haiilo to make posts mandatory. It makes the post "stick" to the top of the user’s timeline until they have confirmed it. This is basically like a read receipt. With this function, you can ensure that every user has read the post and thus your important company news. 

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