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Pages are the place where you manage editorial content and make it available to users. Pages are also a great place to provide company data and information.


You can easily create a new page in the page overview by clicking the button "Create page".



If you cannot see this button, you should first check if you have all the necessary rights for this action.

The rest of the process to create a new page is quite simple: a simple setup will guide you to a fully functional framework in one page.


Choose a page title/name that corresponds to the content that can be found there. The title you choose will also be selected as the basis for the automatically assigned URL.

Through the description you have the opportunity to provide more information and describe the contents of the page.

With the help of a category, you also provide an orientation for users about the subject and purpose of your page. Categories are also filterable in the global search.


You create the categories in the overview of the pages, provided that you have the right for it. While creating a page you can only select existing categories.

The step of admins is (almost) self-explanatory: only users who are also admins of the page are also allowed to make changes to the page. You define who is allowed to edit the page besides you - as creator you are automatically admin.

With the visibility settings you determine who can see your page and thus also subscribe to it:

  • Public: these pages and its content can be seen, subscribed to and found via search by any user in Haiilo
  • Private: these pages and its content can be seen, subscribed to and found via search only by the users selected by the page creator / administrator

By selecting an option in auto-subscribe, you automatically assign this page to certain user groups or to all users. The set visibility is inherited as well.


If the auto-subscription is subsequently deactivated, this will not affect the current existing subscriptions. Each user keeps the active subscription until it is manually terminated by the user.

In general, this setting has the following effects:

  • Users do not have the option to unsubscribe from this page(s)
  • Pages with auto-subscriptions are always displayed first in the page overview
  • The users get the note: "automatically subscribed" at the corresponding page

Additional setting for Multichannel Communications

If you use our module "Multichannel Communications" with your Haiilo, then you can also add an image for all your posts, which are created via the module.

Additional setting for multi language

If you use our add-on "multi language" with your Haiilo, then you can additionally set translations for the title of the page/name and description when you click on "activate translations" in the upper right corner.


If you edit a page afterwards, you can additionally adjust the URL of a page.


Changing the URL may mean that existing links to this page can no longer be used.


How are communities different from sites?

Want to know how communities differ from pages? The article "Difference between pages and communities" will tell you.

Can a user see all admins of a page?

All admins of a page are also displayed in the imprint of the page. This gives users an overview of who is responsible for managing the page. If you want to remove persons here, you have to remove them as admin of the page.

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