Haiilo API: Create or delete users

With our REST API, you can manage your users. If you want to do this automatically, you can write scripts in your preferred language. A few examples that are automated could include: creating, deactivating, activating, and deleting users.

The complete user documentation for our Cloud can be found here.

If you’re using On-Premises, you’ll find the documentation in your installation. Please customize the following URL:

https://<Your COYO domain>/docs/restdoc/guide/users

We explain creating and deleting a user below.


First, you need to authenticate yourself with your Haiilo users via our OAuth2 interface in order to obtain your access token. This access token is used to authenticate your subsequent queries. 

Please note that you have the same permissions in the API as when logging in via the web. So, it makes a difference whether you have activated moderator mode or are logged in as a super-admin.

curl -x POST https://<your-coyo-domain>/api/oauth/token?grant_type=password&username=<loginName>&password=<password>

Authorization: api-CLIENT-ID:CLIENT-SECRET

Replace the following data with yours:

Example answer:
    "access_token": "d3cd7b86-234b-4037-9f9f-6083b4df355e",
    "token_type": "bearer",
    "refresh_token": "aa2c35f7-4448-46af-94d5-6427d777ada7",
    "expires_in": 3599,
    "scope": "read write"
Once you have your access token, you can work with the API. Note that the access token needs to be used every time the API is accessed.
If you use a tool such as Postman, you can select the authentication method bearer token and insert the token there.
If you use a curl for access to the API, you can add the access token at the end of the URL.
curl -x POST https://<your-coyo-domain>/api/users?access_token=197801e3-08b8-4007-a3df-3b64152972d3

Create user

Perform a POST at /api/users and insert the user information as json body (application/json).

Example of a query:
curl -x POST https://<your-coyo-domain>/api/users?access_token=197801e3-08b8-4007-a3df-3b64152972d3

Example request text:
  "email" : "email@coyo4.com",
  "loginName" : null,
  "loginNameAlt" : null,
  "firstname" : "First Name",
  "lastname" : "Last Name",
  "active" : true,
  "superadmin" : true,
  "groupIds" : [ "c7ea28be-4e2e-4571-945b-d0b3be84af35" ],
  "roleIds" : [ "ac368349-6874-4cd2-843c-e9f309ab3f99" ],
  "remoteLogonName" : null,
  "password" : "SomePassword_123!",
  "welcomeMail" : false,
  "generatePassword" : false,
  "initialUser" : false

Delete user

Execute the command DELETE at /api/users/{id}

Replace the {id} with the user_ID of the user being deleted.
Example of a query:
curl -x DELETE https://<your-coyo-domain>/api/users/172fed3f-52c9-40e4-8ccf-c785934c5630?access_token=197801e3-08b8-4007-a3df-3b64152972d3

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