On-Prem: Configuration of the virtual Docker network bridge

At the start, Haiilo creates a new virtual Haiilo default network as a Docker network bridge with default settings. It’s possible that your company network has the same IP range. This would lead to some IP address conflicts in your network.

To find out which IP range your Haiilo uses, you can use the following commands:

Check the precise name of the network:

docker network ls
The necessary network will have the name coyo_default by default. (The precise name of the network is based on the name of the directory in which Haiilo can be found)
You can access the IP addresses of the individual containers with the following command:
docker network inspect coyo_default

The default IP range starts with:

If you want to make changes to the virtual network, we recommend you add a network segment to your docker-compose.yml.

The following section creates a virtual Docker bridge network "coyo-vn" with the stated IP range, subnet and gateway. Simply add this at the end of your docker-compose.yml file.

      driver: default
        - subnet:
You also need to assign the network to every container. To do this, you need to add the following after each container:
      - coyo-vn

Haiilo then restarts with the script stop.sh and start.sh (start-advanced.sh).

You can find out more about this in the official Docker documentation "Networking in Compose".

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