Mapping additional profile fields

You can map profile fields to populate user profiles with data from a connected user directory. This is set up in Administration > User directories > your user directory > User.

When using CSV import, you can only import the fields mentioned in the User directory: CSV import article. You cannot map any additional profile fields.

By default, the below fields exist in Haiilo and can be mapped directly. In addition, you can create new profile fields using the API and then map those fields.

Contact fields Information fields Work fields
Phone Birthday Job title
Mobile Pronouns Company
Skype Languages Department
Xing Hometown Current location
LinkedIn Interests Office
Twitter Projects Education / Degree
Facebook Expertise  

You can also show a user's manager on their profile by mapping Superior/Manager from a user directory.

Set up a mapping

  1. Create a user directory or edit an existing user directory in Administration > User directories
  2. Proceed to the User tab
  3. Select Add profile field mapping
  4. In the left field, select the Haiilo profile field you wish to populate with information from your directory, e.g., company
  5. In the right field, enter a user directory attribute from where the information will be taken, e.g., company
  6. Repeat steps 2-4 for all the fields you wish to map
  7. Select Save to apply your changes.

In the next synchronization, the information from your user directory will be applied to your users' profiles.

add additional profile field in a user directory

Example: Show a user's Manager on their profile

If you use Active Directory, LDAP, or Microsoft Graph as your user directory, you can synchronize the manager information for your users. This lets you display a user's manager or team directly in their profile.

To do this, go to Administration > User directories > your user directory > User. Then:

  • For Active Directory or LDAP: Map the Superior option with the corresponding field from your user directory. Often, the attribute in the directory is manager.
  • For Microsoft Graph: Enable the Sync managers option.

Once synchronization is complete, the profile of a synced user displays the manager's information if that manager is also a synced user. Also, the profile of a synced user who is a superior to other synced users will show information about their team members.

manager mapping.png

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