Automated jobs

What is a job?

A job is a certain task that the software performs at fixed, pre-defined times. The practical thing about this is that the job runs automatically and doesn't have to be started manually.

What jobs are there in Haiilo?

In Haiilo, there are a variety of jobs that are performed automatically at a certain time. These jobs ensure, for instance, that users are imported by connected user directories or that users are anonymized.

You can see all ongoing jobs in your platform in Administration > Jobs. Whether a job is displayed here or performed depends on the respective function that performs the job and if it has been activated in the Administration. For example, if you activate that deleted users should be anonymized, then the job is also shown in the "Jobs" overview.

Your own jobs can't be created or integrated here. Only the jobs that are configured by Haiilo can be shown here.

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