On-Prem: Log files

A log file contains the automatically maintained log of the respective application. For instance, our backend writes down all notifications in three different error levels (error, warn, and info). For our technicians, the backend log is particularly helpful, as it allows them to see precisely when and where an error has occurred.

If errors occur in your Haiilo, the log files can be very helpful in many cases. For the backend, you’ll find this in the Haiilo file directory (by default, this is ~/coyo-data/backend/logs) or via a graphic view in Kibana.

How do I reach Kibana (logging stack)?

Kibana can usually be reached at "https://<COYO_BACKEND_URL>:5601" and offers a beautiful Web GUI. This allows you to display all of the logs for all containers.

When first accessed, you need to state this index pattern: coyo-*. The Lucene syntax is used for the search. You can also apply filters with which you can put together your search query from the specified indexes.

A basic auth is activated before Kibana, which corresponds to the "MANAGEMENT_USER" from the .env file.

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