Specify terms of use

In Haiilo, you can define mandatory terms of use for your employees. They need to agree to these before they can log into Haiilo for the first time. If you don’t want to just add terms of use, you can also add netiquette (or a code of conduct) at this point. 

These rules don't just help you ensure that fair conduct and respect are the order of the day on Haiilo. You also create clarity and security for you and your users. 

Where can the terms of use be added?

You can add your terms of use in Administration under "Terms of use"


By default, terms of use are deactivated. If you activate them, this means that users will immediately have to accept the terms in Haiilo or they’ll no longer have access to the interface.

You can see an overview of all activities in the "Log" area. What does that mean? Haiilo logs who accepts the terms of use, who rejects them, when a new version is published, and when the terms of use are activated and deactivated. 

You require certain permissions for this (access to Administration + "Manage terms of use"). 

How do the terms of use work?

  • You can first activate the terms of use. New users then need to confirm these when they first log in.

  • You also have an influence on what should be done with users who don’t accept the terms of use. You can determine whether newly created users should be hidden in the system until they’ve accepted the terms of use.

  • Then assign an individual "Title" to your terms of use.

  • You then add your company’s own terms of use for Haiilo.

  • Under "Redirect URL", you can save a URL to which users are redirected when they reject the terms of use.

  • Clicking on "Save" saves the changes you have made.

Example terms of use

Along with the following topics, we give you a few tips that you're welcome to use, minimize, or expand upon. 

  1. Be recognizable for your colleagues

    Use your profile picture to give yourself a face and allow other colleagues to recognize you. With each employee’s personal profile, we create an internal networking and connect experts to each other.

  2. Communicate with respect
    Display respectful, friendly conduct towards others. We consider freedom of expression to be one of the basic manners of conduct and something that also belongs on Haiilo. Respect the opinions of others and never force your personal viewpoint on anyone. Insults, sexual innuendos, sexist or racist comments are prohibited and will not be tolerated by us as a company.

  3. Pay attention to the content of your posts
    The posts can be personal and work-related, but should relate to our company departments or promote team spirit (e.g., arranging joint activities during the lunch break or after work). Each employee is responsible for the content and publication of their own posts.

  4. Be careful when using pictures
    If you use pictures in Haiilo, please make sure that the people shown in them have agreed to the use of the picture. 

  5. Pay attention to copyright
    This applies to uploading and sharing files, images and texts. If you’re using other content that isn’t your intellectual property, always cite the source. What’s more, only the copyright holder is entitled to reproduce content.

  6. Pay attention to the content of your links
    Links to other posts in our digital home, the Internet, or other IT systems are welcome. Please make sure that you are not linking to any unlawful, obscene, or defamatory material.

  7. Log out
    Haiilo offers you the possibility of mobile access to your data. Always ensure that you log out properly when you leave the platform. This is especially important if you’re accessing our portal on other people’s devices. 

What happens when the terms of use are reset?

Users who are logged in when the terms of use are reset will be shown the terms of use on their next activity in Haiilo (e.g., reloading). They need to then accept or reject them. If a user rejects them, they are then logged out.

The log for the terms of use is not reset as the entries are static entries. What do we mean by that? If user A accepted the terms of use two weeks ago, the log will continue to show that this user accepted the terms of use at that time. If the terms of use are now reset, a new entry is then created for every user who accepts or rejects the (new) terms of use.

What do you need to keep in mind when using external tools?

Data protection is important to us. As a result, we want to take this opportunity to give you an important note: If you're using tools that, e.g., work with cookies, it's sensible to explain this to your users in the terms of use and obtain consent. Frequently-used tools include Google Analytics and Matomo (formerly Piwik).

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