Defining terms of use

You can define mandatory terms of use, netiquette, or a code of conduct for your users. Users need to agree to these before they can access and use your Haiilo platform. After a user accepts the terms of use, they can view them at any time in the user drop-down menu.

Enable terms of use

By default, the terms of use are disabled on your Haiilo platform. You can enable it so that users will have to accept the terms before accessing the platform. To enable terms of use, you need "Manage terms of use" permission.

  1. Go to Administration > Terms of use
  2. Set a title
  3. Add the content for your terms of use
  4. Add a Redirect-URL, to which the user is directed if they reject the terms
  5. Check Activate the terms of use here. Users will need to accept them after the login
  6. Decide if newly created users should be hidden in the system until they've accepted the terms of use. You can read more in Understanding account statuses.
  7. Select Save to activate the terms of use

terms of use.png

If you update the terms of use later, it is recommended that you select Reset terms of use acceptance so that all users will be asked to re-accept the updated terms.

View the terms of use logs

You can see an overview of all activities from Administration > Terms of use > Log. Haiilo logs:

  • When a user accepts the terms of use
  • When a user rejects the terms of use
  • When a new version is published and by whom
  • When the terms of use are activated and deactivated and by whom.
  • When the terms of use acceptances are reset and by whom

terms of use EN.png

The logs won't be reset as the entries are static entries. If user A accepted the terms of use two weeks ago, it'll show in the logs at that time. If the terms of use are reset, user A will need to accept or reject the (new) terms of use, and a new entry will be created for this acceptance. Hence, user A will have two entries, the one from two weeks ago and the new one.

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