Language configuration

With a default language, you first make a fundamental decision as to which language should be set as default for all users. If users log in to Haiilo for the first time or you create a new user in the user administration, they will first see Haiilo in this language. This setting applies until the users themselves select another language.

Where can you set the default language?

You can customize the default language in Administration under "General Settings"


You require certain permissions for this (access to Administration + "Manage general settings"). 

Is there a recommendation for the default language?

Do you have a lot of employees whose native language is not German? Then we recommend setting the default language as the international default, English. After logging into Haiilo for the first time, every user has the opportunity to decide for themselves which language settings they select. 


Which languages are available by default?

There are 25 languages available to you as standard. In the Administration, you can activate additional languages under "Languages" and also use language keys to rename elements. You can find out how to add further languages here.

What does language correction in the browser depend on?

Autocorrection and the spellchecker are not preset in Haiilo. This is determined by your

operating system and the language settings of your browser.

By right-clicking, you can open a menu where you can access the spellchecker. This menu is not determined or changed by Haiilo. In this case, you should therefore check whether the spellchecker settings and autocorrect are set correctly for you.

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