Adding users to Haiilo

When adding users to your Haiilo platform, there are multiple options available. You can also choose to use a combination of these options.

Option 1: Local users

Detailed instructions on how to create local users can be found here.

There is a simple way to add new so-called local users in the Administration. These users are only stored in your platform and have no connection to other systems; you manage them manually.


  • Simple and intuitive management in Haiilo's interface
  • Fast implementation within a few minutes - even without technical know-how
  • Little effort with a low number of users and/or low fluctuation of employees


  • For the first-time user import, this variant is time-consuming for a large number of users as users are created one-by-one
  • Manual effort with each change of employee; deactivating old employees, adding new employees

If you start with local users, you can connect them to a directory later if needed.

A welcome email from the Haiilo platform can only be sent for local users, not directory-synced or CSV-imported users.

Option 2: User directories

Detailed instructions on each user directory option can be found here:

Sometimes, managing users manually is not feasible due to strict security measures or the large number of users you have to add to Haiilo. Haiilo offers a simple, albeit technically more demanding, solution: sync with your company's user directory. You can automatically run jobs at set times that synchronize your user data in Haiilo with a central company directory.

Haiilo only reads user directories. No entry is made in your user directory if data is present in Haiilo but not in the directory.


  • Synchronization and alignment are fully automated
  • Manual corrections and errors are eliminated
  • For a large number of users, this is the most efficient way to transfer data to Haiilo


  • Setup and initialization are associated with technical effort; you need the help of your company's IT department
  • Synchronization only works if your user directory is configured correctly
  • You're responsible for the correct setup and network activation and may need support from your company's directory provider

Option 3: CSV import

Detailed instructions on how to import users via CSV can be found here.

Users and groups can also be imported directly via CSV file. This can be a workaround if you have an LDAP server but can't/won't connect it to the Haiilo server or if your company has front-line workers who don't have a corporate email address. This is probably the easiest and fastest method, but it has some limitations.


  • Quick and easy import of many users and groups
  • CSV file can be generated from an LDAP server
  • User information can be updated by re-inserting the file
  • No additional technical effort by configuring a firewall, LDAP server, etc.


  • Not all user information can be imported
  • Users cannot be created with an "Inactive" status, which prevents a query of terms of use/AGBs

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