Example permissions for pages, communities, events & administration

Permissions and roles in Haiilo determine what actions a user is permitted to perform.
In the Administration, the permissions are divided by area in Haiilo.

In this article, you will see example permissions for the default user role and admin role for pages, communities, events, and the Administration area. In the examples, you will be able to see the default user role permissions on the left and the admin role permissions on the right. 

Example permissions for Pages


User permissions

The settings on the left are very restrictive: Users can view and follow pages – all other actions are deactivated. 

Haiilo uses double protection: A user must be the administrator of the page and have the corresponding permissions to perform other actions. For instance, if the user in the left image is appointed the administrator of a page, they are still not allowed to manage any apps or change settings.

Admin permissions

Admin role: The configuration on the right offers a very comprehensive admin role. These options allow the admin user to:

  • Create pages that are also publicly visible,
  • appoint other administrators,
  • change the navigation,
  • add and edit apps,
  • follow and delete pages, and 
  • apply the setting that all users automatically follow the page.

A "Add category" option can be found in the overview of all pages if the user has permission to "Manage categories". Categories help users understand the purpose of the page and see whether the content is relevant to them. Admins of the page can set the category when the page is created or customize it during editing.

Example permissions for Communities


User permissions

When configuring permissions for communities, the question "Which permissions should the users be given?" always comes up. Haiilo's answer is relatively straightforward: Let your employees create communities themselves. The initial permission is the "Access communities" permission. Building on this, a user can also add, edit, and remove apps as long as they have admin permissions for the community.

We believe that to get employees on board with a new platform, it is best to let them create and manage their own elements. Having to request access to create a community slows down the creation process and makes people less likely to use Haiilo.

One or two people may be worried that too much freedom will lead to less relevant content. These concerns are understandable, but we hear time and time again that they are unfounded. With the help of terms of use, you can protect yourself from a legal standpoint. If someone should infringe upon these terms, users can report such content.

The admins also always have the option of removing any offending content. In moderator mode, you can access all of the content on the platform, thus ensuring that nobody "runs riot".

Admin permissions

We recommend only allowing admins to invite groups. The permission to "Invite groups" can be found under the General permissions. Users should only be able to invite individual members to a community.

Groups in Haiilo can contain a large number of users. In some cases, the community in question is not relevant for many of these users, or your users are quickly flooded with invitations to communities when whole groups can be invited with a click.

Also, only the admin should have permission to invite external people. This allows you to integrate a validation option. The admins also have the permission to manage categories and delete communities.

Example permissions for Events

User permissions

Events are a valuable way of giving your employees a forum for organizing company events. We recommend that you give your users the freedom to create and edit events themselves. 


Admin permissions

We recommend only allowing admins to invite groups. The permission to "Invite groups" can be found under the General permissions. Users should only be able to invite individual members to an event.

The General permissions "Invite communities" and "Invite pages" allows you to invite all of the page or community subscribers to an event. These permissions allow large groups of people to be invited at once. Hence, we recommend only assigning the permissions to admins. 


Create an event in the name of a page or community

Users can create an event in the name of a page or community, provided that they are the administrators of the page/community organizing the event. 

If users create an event without naming a page or community as the organizer, this event is publicly visible to all users who follow the creator. 

Who can accept an invitation?

Anyone who was invited to an event. It's currently possible for the users to actively decide who is invited to an event. As a result, colleagues are not preselected but must be intentionally selected by the organizer.

Example permissions for the Administration area

There are two ways to gain access to all or particular areas of Administration in Haiilo: 

  • You have superadmin permissions that always give you access to all areas of Administration, or

  • An admin in your network assigns you permission to access all or some areas of Administration.

We recommend that admins that should be allowed to access the Administration area fully have these permissions:


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