The default roles: superadmin, admin, community/page admin

By default, Haiilo has the administrative roles superadmin, community/page admin, and admin. The superadmin and page/community admin are known as system roles – they cannot be changed.


Superadmins are at the top of your permissions and roles pyramid. They not only have access to all areas of Administration anytime, anywhere, but can also switch to moderator mode within the interface. It's recommended to give a maximum of two to three people this role. 

The initial user (who usually performs the initial installation) is automatically the superadmin. Only a superadmin can promote another user to superadmin. Users promoted to superadmin automatically have all global permissions, including moderator mode. 

Page/community admin

Every page and every community has at least one admin, namely the creator.

Further admins can also be added when the page/community is created – or even later on.

As an admin, you have access to the settings and layout.

You can, e.g. add new apps, view and edit all of the files for the page/community, and customize the settings (e.g. visibility or administrators). In addition, you can edit avatar or cover pictures and remove inappropriate posts.

Screenshot_2021-06-09_at_12.34.35.png*(the Administration for the pages looks similar)



The admin is above the user and below the superadmin in the hierarchy.
You can also change this role. In this case, we also refer to an additive role, as it supplements the permissions of the default role.


By default, the admin has all administrative permissions including moderator mode and can correspondingly manage all settings such as global settings, homepages, and layouts. However, they cannot appoint anyone as superadmin.

You can read about our recommended subdivision of admins here


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